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We want show our art in places where we haven`t been yet, for example: North Europe, Greece, Asia, South & Central America, South Africa and other destinations.

We recomend you book these backdrops 2-3 months in advance, you pay less for travel if fly ticket is needed.

We have been to the following countries: Azores Islands, Austria, Belgium, Costarica, Croatia, Denmark, Dubai (U.A.E), England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Lithuania, Montreal (Canada), Morocco, Netherlands, New York (USA), Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and Czech Republic.


Booking price

However there is price that must be reached – for the cost of wear, expensive paint and materials, consideration of time spent designing, painting, installation as well as travel. Open-air events are a great experience we enjoy, but please keep in mind they require a more complicated installation. There is also a big risk factor we face with weather-related damage (wind, rain, mud, dust). The price for the second night and nights thereafter act as compensation for this potential risk. We have individual prices for promoters who have previously invited me to return for a second [or more] display of my art. In the case of invitation to a country where we have never been to, ask me for special price. All that must be covered all the time are the flight tickets, accommodation and food.


Fluorobotanics concept: meet and connect with new people and their cultures through our paintings.


Travel expences

1 x flight ticket / car / train

These paintings weigh 35 – 40 kg + 15kg lycra; economic class allows for only 15-32 kg + 5-10 kg cabin (hand) baggage per ticket. Paying the overweigh charges is more expensive than buying a second flight ticket (overweigh charges cost 10 – 25 EUR / kg). The exception from this is North America and Canada, where I can fly with 2 pieces of luggage + cabin bag from Europe. In business class, it is possible take 30kg luggage + 18 kg cabin baggage. I have never sent paintings via post or in other hands.

Car 0.2 EUR / km + road-toll
Parking individual – according to airport
Train individual – according to destinaion
Visa 100 % of cost must be covered

Our base is in Ostrava, North-East of the Czech Republic. The nearest international airports are Prague – 360 km (PRG), Vienna – 330 km (VIE), Katowice – 130 km (KTW). In case of locations of up to 800km, it is better to go by car or train (ie. Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland). We also go by car to generally inaccessible near destinations, where the most cost-effective method of transport would be by car (a location in the mountains for example). We are always flexible in trying many possibilities, and compromise between price and quickness of transportation. The costs of any transport fee in your country (from airport, station etc.) must be covered as well.


Accomodation and food

Good accommodation is an asset – our first preference is to stay with you or with your friends, but if it is not possible we will settle for a hotel. Because of overweigh costs incurred at airports; we don’t bring food, sleeping bag or other heavy stuff with us.


Payment and instalation requests

Booking is confirmed when travel costs + 50 % price for display paintings is paid in advance. We do this for our protection against promoters who can not count their profit from the party. The best way is to send money directly into bank account in advance or send money via Western Union (more expensive but faster). We make the necessary travel reservations in the arranged time prior to the final destination. The other 50 % of the cost to display the paintings is paid during the event. An early booking can save the most of expenses because flight tickets are generally cheaper if booked in advance. In case of a mistake on our behalf, accident, weather or illness, we shall either arrange another date or send your money back to you.


To ensure a smooth setup of paintings, the following is required:

• ALL of the information regarding the event location/space – a few photos, measurements, plans
• An approximate number of expected attendees
• A sturdy but light ladder, which securely reaches tall heights
• Strong string, with a diameter of 0.3 – 0.7 mm or thicker for long distance
• A second person for manual work (ie. to dig holes on open-air, artistic performance on stage, or extremely dangerous movements)
• A hammer and nails (minimal length 5 cm)
• Any other tools specially required for proper installation and construction of the space


Further informations

Fluorobotanics has around 25 paintings varying in different sizes. We have more than 100m² of painted surface. Our work have transformed spaces containing 500 people and more. Paintings have been coated with a protective fire-proof solution to lower the risk of damage. In case of fire, if it is extinguished right away, the chance of fire damage is reduced. In general, we need 3 – 5 hours for installation for indoor events, 4 – 7 hours for open-airs. In order for the paintings to provide their full effect, it is recommended that you supply plenty of uv lighting. The deconstruction/removal of the paintings post-event normally takes about an hour. I also highly recommend security staff that will ensure the safety and care of our paintings.


Please NOTE: Promoter MUST pay the full price of ANY painting that is lost!


All paintings are for sale.
A constantly changing portfolio of paintings allows for variable party installations for repeating bookings. The price of paintings depends on size, details, age and overall attractiveness of the paintings. Older and damaged paintings can be very cheap. You can buy them directly at the events they are displayed or via post. Postal fees are around 20 – 30 EUR. We send a parcel containing the painting(s) when we receive the full payment into our bank account. We can also paint backdrops containing your logo in our style. There are sales up to 20 % when you buy more paintings.

Deco concepts
What goes well together? Strong psychedelic paintings with intricate details work up strings and stretchs that is full of mind expanding experience is a sure-fire way to keep dull moments away.



Bank instruction

bank account holder: Lukáš Kavik
bank: Fio banka a.s., Prague, Czech republic
IBAN: CZ7920100000002200138214





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